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As anyone who follows sports knows, betting is an exciting and potentially lucrative way to engage with the games you love. We have now listed the best Uk betting sites not on Gamstop. This option gives players access to an international market of online bookmakers and other odds comparison websites, allowing them to choose from a huge range of betting options.

Plus, users don't need any prior knowledge or experience when gambling with betting sites not on Gamstop, as markets are kept simple and intuitive. By taking advantage of international markets and a diverse range of betting alternative, sports betting sites without Gamstop offers players the chance to get in on all the action, no matter what league they're following.

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Non Gamstop Sports betting Information

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Reviewed Sports Betting Sites120+
Featured Betting SportsFotball, Horse racing, eGaming
Best BookieHawaii Spins
Best oddsFireScatters

Five Steps Before we list UK bookies Not on GamStop

Before diving into which UK bookmakers not on GamStop that is good, it is important to know that the process of testing self-exclusion can be time-consuming but worth it in the end. When looking to ensure a safe and secure experience when gambling, UK players have utilized GamStop as a way to self-exclude themselves from online betting sites.

However, players who are looking for an alternative option may choose to look into listing UK sites not on GamStop. With this in mind, it is important that potential players go through several steps before doing so, that's why we have made a list. We choose five factors that are essential for players that want to bet on bookmakers not on Gamstop.

Bookies self exclusion plan

Self-exclusion is the cornerstone bookies not on Gamstop use when reacting to those who identify their behaviour as problematic and offer assistance in tackling it. There are different levels of self-exclusion that need to be considered, like temporary, partial or a permanent deletion – providing variety for those affected by any habits becoming unmanageable.

It allows users to regain control over their activity; giving much needed peace of mind for both parties involved, gamers and sport betting sites alike. This insight ensures our readers are offered the utmost care from which ever non Gamstop betting sites they choose; knowing all necessary steps have been taken by the provider towards responsible online betting before deciding whether it’s suitable based on their own criteria.

guy gets payout from bookie next to text about payout rates

Payout rate

When it comes to online gambling sites, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration before choosing one. One of the most important of these is knowing their payout rate. The payout rate indicates how often the site pays out its winnings and how quickly their customer service responds to inquiries. 


Bettors should always consider the odds when placing their wagers. When we look at the odds of sports betting at non Gamstop betting sites, and only recommend the bookies that offers the best odds. Also do we consider to understanding bookies that are not on Gamstop. As such, it pays for serious bettors to find reputable bookies offering exceptional odds, especially those not included in the Gamstop network.

Terms and conditions

women reads terms and conditions next to text about terms and conditions at bookies

In order to make the most of our sports betting experiences, we have examined the terms and conditions of gambling sites in order to be fully cognizant of what potential customers need to do in case they end up losing money. Most betting sites will require users to submit documentation that verifies their identity or a passport photo for verification before valuing any losses for cashback refunds. That's not usually the case for non gamstop betting sites.

Extensive casino range

When you are sport betting without Gamstop, one of the most important factors to consider is taking note of a large casino section. Whether it’s checking out a wide selection of slots such as fortune clock and table games or studying up on all the different types of sports bets available, understanding what’s at stake for each game is key to success.

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The Best Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

  • FireScatters
  • HawaiiSpins
  • Luck of Spins
  • RichyReels

Our top picks for casinos available to UK players outside of Gamstop is FireScatters, HawaiiSpins Luck of Spins and RichyReels. All four of these sites offer competitive odds on a wide range of sport markets and match statistics in real-time alongside generous bonuses and promotions. Moreover, each site is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive customer support should users need any assistance while using the platform.

All on the List of betting sites not registered with Gamstop also feature detailed registration processes which only require minimal information from its customers before they can start betting without having to worry about running into any problems due to Gamstop restrictions.


FireScatters is it not registered with Gamstop, but the site also offers a wide array of sports betting options for those who are interested. As soon as your account is created, you can get started taking advantage of all their offers.

Huge bonuses and promotions await players at FireScatters such as free bets and free spins – plus if you ever have a problem or question, their customer support team can be reached via live chat 24/7. Whether it's sports betting or spinning reels that excites you most, FireScatters has everything you need to enjoy a fun and rewarding casino experience – all without signing up with Gamstop.


Hawaii Spins Casino could be the perfect choice for you. This reputable and easy-to-use site offers an extensive selection of slots and table games along with sport betting not on Gamstop. The casino not on Gamstop also allows customers to benefit from perks such as low minimum deposits, high maximum winnings, and a generous payout rate.

All in all, Hawaii Spins Casino has everything you need for an entertaining and rewarding gambling experience without being locked out of the sites that are on the Gamstop network. Whether you’re looking for high stakes gambling or some casual entertainment, there’s something here to suit your style.

Luck of Spins

Luck of Spins not on Gamstop is one of the top casino betting sites not on Gamstop. With quality games, a large first deposit bonus, and fast withdrawal times, it's no wonder Luck of Spins is attracting so many players.

They also accept all major payment methods and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for the easy transfer of funds with low transaction fees, and their sports betting page not on Gamstop offers gambling markets for some of the most popular leagues in the world.

The setup makes it an ideal platform for both novice and experienced players alike to try their luck without any restrictions from GamStop. Furthermore, when you're looking to take a break from betting or playing casino games entirely.


Richy Reels casino not on Gamstop is a reliable and trusted online gambling site, offering an exciting range of games to suit all players. Among the variety of games available, the site offers sports betting not on Gamstop with competitive odds and lucrative betting markets.

What’s more, Richy Reels has been designed with players in mind; their Good Support team is available to answer any queries quickly and ensure that customers have a smooth experience.

Additionally, the betting site prides itself on its fast withdrawal times so customers can access their winnings without delay. In summation, Richy Reels is a safe and secure gambling platform with great customer support and quick withdrawal options that's perfect for those who want to try their hand at sports betting not on Gamstop.

How to Open Betting Account Without Gamstop

four-steps to register at sports betting without gamstop

These are the steps of opening a sports betting account without Gamstop.

  1. Ensure you are legally allowed to bet in your country or region.
  2. Looking for betting sites not on Gamstop that have a proven track record and offer competitive odds and promotions. We have listed the best.
  3. When you have chosen a site and completed all necessary registration forms, complete the verification process if required by providing photo ID and proof of address.
  4. Once the verification steps have been completed, start funding your account through e-wallets or credit cards – any deposit bonus can then be claimed upon making your first deposit.

Start placing bets! With all these steps followed closely, opening a Betting Account Outside GamStop can be easily achieved – even with its restrictions in place.

Types of Bookies Not on Gamstop

With the explosion of the online gambling market, punters now have an incredible array of Sports betting sites from which to choose. These range from established sites that offer a full sportsbook, to new bookies specifically targeting customers looking for a specific kind of bet or market.

Not every site is on Gamstop, either – there are a growing number of independent bookmakers who arrange their own responsible gambling policies for customers who don’t want to self-exclude from online sports betting. Many of these providers also offer welcome bonuses and free bets such as no-deposit bonuses and ‘matched’ deposits.

Application Bookies not on gamstop

Another type of operator is the ‘application bookie’ – For sports betting enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, ‘application bookies' offer an attractive alternative to mainstream sportsbooks. Instead of being limited to established sports betting sites, these app-based providers provide an opportunity for punters to bet on their favourite sports from their mobile device or tablet.

Furthermore, non-Gamstop bookies tend to offer special offers and more flexible withdrawal options, making them particularly desirable for regular sports bettors who can take full advantage of these rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned sports betting veteran or just getting your feet wet in the field, application bookies have something to offer everyone.

New Bookies not on gamstop

For sports bettors and gaming enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, non Gamstop sports betting sites offer exciting opportunities. Not all sports betting sites are subject to the restrictions of Gamstop, allowing players to access a variety of sports betting books and casinos outside Gamstop's network.

These non Gamstop bookies give British sports bettors the chance to find the best odds and sportsbook bonuses around, an opportunity not be missed! Whether experienced or new to sports betting, these non Gamstop sports betting sites are a great way for UK bettors to keep up with the latest games and sports events without losing out on great offers or spending more than they can afford.

Types of Bets at Sportsbook not on Gamstop

The sports betting sites without Gamstop offers a huge variety of betting opportunities for sports fans of all types. From traditional “pay per head” bets that have been around for generations to more modern options such as 2-way and 3-way spread bets, there are options out there to suit every kind of bettor.

One of the most popular betting options in the UK is football accumulator Betting which involves combining multiple selections into one single bet with a chance to win a much bigger payout.

Other popular alternatives include match winner, total points, and point spreads. Thankfully some of these options are available on UK betting sites not on Gamstop so you can easily access them without worrying about any potential restrictions.

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds sports betting remains one of the most popular forms of sports gambling as many online bettors flock to sportsbooks not on Gamstop. It offers an exciting betting experience with often competitive odds, so players are given a decent chance to win.

With fixed odds sports betting, the bet is paid based on the agreed odds, no matter if the initial break even offered is lower or even higher than what was initially posted.

Punters benefit from more security as they gain assurance that the bet will be paid accordingly despite any fluctuations. One great thing about fixed odds sports betting is that it's very straightforward and this increases chances of making a profit from online betting.

Live Betting

live sign next to text about live betting at betting sites not on Gamstop

Live sports betting non Gamstop have taken the United Kingdom by storm and with good reason. Unlike fixed bets, non Gamstop live sports betting allows you to make betting choices once the match has already begun. As with all non-Gamstop UK bookies, non-Gamstop live betting follows different rules than their traditional fixed counterparts and offers the most thrilling wagers that the United Kingdom can offer.

If you’ve been looking for excitement and non-stop action when it comes to non Gamstop sports betting in the United Kingdom, then non Gamstop live betting is right up your alley!

Exchange Betting

It allows you to stake on sports like in the traditional way. All odds are fixed in this bet at the time of staking, but the good news is that there are no bookmakers involved in the process. All bets are placed between different bettors from around the world. There are many Gamstop free betting companies that allow you to bet on your favourite types of sports on the market

Sports Betting Options not on Gamstop

Non gamstop sports betting is an excellent alternative for those looking to get into sports betting outside of the UK’s self-regulated gambling service, Gamstop. Here, UK players can benefit from a wide range of betting options, including Tennis, Rugby and Cricket, as well as Football, Baseball and Basketball.

By placing bets on these sports – either long-term or short-term – you can often stand to gain much on non Gamstop bookies. This kind of high-risk/high-reward scenario presents an exciting option for those who are looking to make their mark in sports betting but don’t have access to the traditional forms of gambling.

Football player next to text about betting on football


Football is also widely available at casino sites not GamStop registered, allowing seasoned handicappers to wager on a variety of leagues from around the world. You can bet on performances on individual players, results of the game or longer bets such as who wins the Premier League.


Tennis is a sport renowned for its fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat excitement and this makes it one of the most popular sports for uk sports betting. The game is typically a series of best-of-three sets played with very close scores and this gives plenty of opportunities – both to capture an exciting victory and to test your luck with uk sports betting on sites not on Gamstop.

As the series progresses, things can turn dramatically in either direction, giving those who like to gamble something interesting to play with throughout the match.


Crickett is a revolutionary concept in sports betting that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It's designed to let players enjoy the thrills and spills of sports betting without any of the risks of actually losing money.


Rugby player next to text about betting on rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular activities in the world of sports betting. This ancient sport originated in 19th-century England and has been enjoyed by fans for generations. In the past few decades, however, it has gained a following among bettors due to its fast-paced action and exciting matches. Unlike other sports, rugby allows for multiple betting options and a greater chance of making a profit. Bets can be placed on match results and point spreads or even on individual players' performances.

Horse racing

Horse betting is available in both North America and Europe, allowing punters to wager on races from top thoroughbreds to obscure trotters. And is available at betting sites not on Gamstop.


For those looking for even more variety, Esports has exploded in popularity over the last several years, offering legal and reliable virtual sports betting across an array of simulated events. This is one of the new sports that you can bet on at betting sites non Gamstop.


Baseball betting is becoming increasingly popular, and this is especially true if you're one of the many who wants to place bets at a casino not on Gamstop. This can allow for increased flexibility and ease of access in terms of selecting what types of wagers to put down, as well as a more leisurely atmosphere from which to watch the games.


Betting on basketball is a fun and exciting way to make some extra cash, but it can be daunting if you're not sure where to start. For those who don't want to deal with the restrictions of typical online betting sites, casinos not on gamstop offer a great alternative.

With these options, you can get in the game and enjoy all the excitement of betting on basketball without having to worry about any rules or regulations that could slow down your luck. Whether you're looking for quick action or long-term strategy, bet on basketball at casinos not on gamstop and see what your expertise can bring!

Reasons why you should start sports betting not on Gamstop

If you are someone interested in sports betting, but are tired of the UKGC restrictions and Gamstop – then now is the time to consider alternatives.

Wider betting options

Not on Gamstop sites provide a much wider range of options when it comes to placing bets, with no account restrictions or limitations set by the UKGC. This gives you far greater freedom when it comes to your betting options, as well as increased opportunities for finding success.

Fast withdraws and deposits

On top of this, these sites often don't require any KYC checks when depositing funds, meaning that your deposits can be received more quickly and without any additional hassle.

Better bonuses

Patrons at these sites may even gain access to better bonuses and promotions than with other forms of gaming, so it's well worth checking out what's available beyond the limits imposed by the UKGC and Gamstop.

Cons of sports betting not on Gamstop

Quitting online gambling not on Gamstop is a serious decision for any punter, and it should never be taken lightly. Many people turn to online gambling as a form of escape from their everyday lives, but without proper oversight or regulation, the potential for damage is too high. 

How can I self-exclude from UK Betting Sites?

Several programmes are in place to combat gambling problems. This operates on two levels and enables problem gamblers to avoid a particular game. Problem gamblers also often attempt to avoid these conditions by continuing to gamble. The majority are searching for nongamcare bets. Two of them are Gamban and GamPaths. These platforms provide effective solutions to prevent people from being excluded from the UK.

GamCare in Betting Industry

If you find betting sites without GamCare, this shouldn't surprise anyone. It is the second most common gambling platform after GamSpot. GamCare is the UK's oldest organisation. 

Non Gamstop Betting Sites — Payment Options

UK sports betting sites not on Gamstop offer a variety of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Players can conveniently make payments from the special “Cashier” section or their user account, choosing from debit cards, e-wallets, online banking transactions, or cryptocurrency as their preferred payment system.

Once the method is selected, it's just a matter of entering the transfer amount and securely waiting for the money to come through, and you can securely bet at your chosen non Gamstop bookmaker.

A heads up if you are looking to place sports bets on sites not registered with Gamstop, then it is important to note that most often the account currency will be selected during the registration process.

Betting sites may have their own restrictions in place when it comes to the minimum bet and maximum payout allowed for each user, so it is best to read through any terms and conditions carefully before signing up to a sports betting site. These betting sites may also limit withdrawals of larger sums at a given time.


MasterCard has become one of the most common payment instruments available at sites not registered with the UK's Gamstop system. These sites are typically located outside of the UK, provide users with access to sports betting sites and enable them to use their own credit or debit cards for making payments. It is important to note that most sites do not allow third party cards, so if someone doesn't have their own card, they are out of luck.


When you're looking for a quick and safe way to transfer money to your sports betting site, or withdraw winnings, VISA cards is a good option. Not only do the bookmaker sites check to make sure the card details match up perfectly with your profile details. This means you don't have to remember them each time you want to use your card, and you can trust that any sites not registered with them won't be able to access your information.

It's an easy and convenient way to make sure your money is safe while still being able to reap the rewards of winning on sports betting.


paypal logo next to text about PayPal at betting sites not on Gamstop

PayPal is the most popular online payment methods, and betting sites not on Gamstop are no different. With the advent of PayPal's e-wallet service, betting sites not on Gamstop have been able to offer a safe and secure way for their customers to carry out transactions.

Using PayPal allows betting sites not on Gamstop to provide users with the convenience of being able to pay for something quickly and easily without needing a bank account or debit card. And with its high levels of security, customers can rest assured that their money is in safe hands when betting at these betting sites.

PayPal provides a reliable and trusted payment option, ensuring betting sites not on Gamstop remain a viable alternative to those registered with GamStop.

Bank Wire Transfer

Transferring money directly from your bank account to an online sports betting sites not on Gamstop can be incredibly convenient. For example, it is much easier than other payment systems, meaning you won't have to go through any complex processes.


Some betting sites not on Gamstop also offers some cryptocurrencies among them, Bitcoin. This is a good way if you want your deposits and withdrawals to be anonymous. 

Features of Online Sports Betting not on Gamstop UK

Sites which have no effect on Gamstop have very important features, advantages and cons. The biggest difference is placed on a site containing content not licensed by any of the Commissions or Licensed Gaming Authorities.

Non-gaming website licensed by the UK government and accepts legal British bets. However nongamstop betting websites do not appear in Gamstop because of lack of licences. By opting for betting not on Gambstop, British gamers can access great bonus programs and the best odds available on internet betting with licensed bookmakers at

UKGC Online Sports Betting Information

The current laws introduce basic concepts and define the objectives of the Gaming Commission and limit penalties for online betting and gaming. The gambling authorities in Britain supervise online betting but not financial betting. The UK Gambling Commission combines this function:

Sports Betting Websites Regulations

UK gambling is completely legal, generating over 15 million euros annually. Over a third of all the online bets are made online. Currently Gambling Act 2005 regulates most games. The Gambling Commission controls the gaming industry and licensees grant licenses.

Cons of Non GamStop Bookies

Compare Gamstop sites for a comparison of their features. We offer our own bookmakers who provide betting on sports for free.

Sports Betting Companies Not on Gamstop Scheme for British Punters

Some companies sites is always covered by Gamstop, but there are some exceptions. We found that some companies not on Gamstop is specialized into this area, that is becoming the best non Gamstop betting site, even for players signed up to Gamstop, or blocked by Gamstop. This is because these companies not on Gamstop offers their own exclusion programs.

  • Cerberlot N.V.
  • SportsBetting AG
  • Thot Management N.V.

Sports betting not on Gamstop FAQs

  • Can you bet without Gamstop?

    The simple answer to this question is yes, it is possible to bet without Gamstop. This platform allows UK-based gamblers to temporarily self-exclude from all the sites running on the Gamstop platform, however it does not cover every single gambling site nationwide.

  • Is sports betting not on Gamstop Safe?

    Yes, sports betting is safe on sites not on Gamstop so long as bettors do their due diligence and carefully investigate the backgrounds of any online bookmakers they use. Many of these sites have also been audited and approved by independent external monitoring services, so customers can be sure that their bets will be secure and fair.

  • Is bookmakers not on Gamstop licensed by UKGC?

    No, they are not. However bookmakers not on Gamstop is licensed by other authorities such as Curaçao or Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA).

  • Can I self-exclude from non Gamstop sportsbooks?

    Yes, this can be done in order for you to keep a better handle on your gambling habits and prevent any financial problems that could come as a result of excessive play or unmanageable loss limits. Self-exclusion from non Gamstop sportsbooks helps eliminate temptation and the possibility of developing addictive behaviors.

  • Can I bet when on Gamstop list?

    Yes, when betting while on Gamstop, you need to find a Bookie that's not on Gamstop. That's why we have made a list of safe and reliable bookies that offers it services to everyone.